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Long tap on the image (or left click) then press Save Image on your device to store your secret image.

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How it Works



The Encryption is the process of encoding a message such a way that only authorized parties can access it, this process generate incomprehensible cipher text following a specified algorithm that use a generated key to encrypt the data. It is in principle possible to decrypt the message without possessing the key, but, for a well-designed encryption scheme, considerable computational resources and skills are required.


The Steganography is the practice to protect secret text from indiscrete eyes, a very common system is the invisible ink, visible only under specific lights, with the new technologies we can hide secret text behind digital content. The advantage of steganography over cryptography is that the secret message does not attract attention, plainly visible encrypted messages instead arouse interest, and may be incriminating in countries where encryption is illegal.


The HideSecrets System is the combination of many secure cryptography algorithms and the steganography technology, the result is an indiscrete and secure image that appositely processed by the HideSecrets system will give you back your secret content. This is not standard steganography, nor standard cryptography, it's a perfect mix of these complicated technologies to keep your data really secure and easily hidden by unwanted eyes with just few clicks.

Possible Use Cases



Share secret informations with someone

You can share secret messages, credentials or any confidential data without generating suspicion about the content, for example you can share your secret message via email or other messaging/social platform hiding it behind your personal photo or your business logo (the important is that the image will not be processed by any editor).



Share secret informations with everyone

You could publicly hide secrets behind your website image gallery, or your business logo or some sharing content platform but only who know this and which is the secret image (and obviously your key) will be able to decrypt your secrets, but technically they will stay there "visible" to everyone.



Store sensible data for your personal use

You could create like "wallets" for to keep personal data secure, for example you could store your sensible informations like bank passwords, credit card pins, sensible website credentials, and keep it behind some photos in your phone gallery or pc folder containing other photos, it will be surely invisible to other eyes.